Thursday, December 30, 2010


2010 gone out of the window in just a blink of an eye...

It was very interesting to see my sister's status on Facebook earlier today
" Describe your 2010 in one word "
some say "fat", "boring" , "blessed" and other stuff

My 2010 has been rather challenging.. everything wise..
Work, Relationships, even in pursuing my career and dreams...
no doubt i have gone through a lot of ups and downs this year...

Yet somehow i can always see that little glimpse of hope right in the corner waiting for me to grab it.. and yet somehow things just work it-selves out and greater plans had their own way of revealing themselves to me...

Blessed would be one of the words i would use to describe my 2010, won an Amazing race with a terrific team from church, my little nephew Oliver Quinn Pratama, gorgeous gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!

However tough would also sit right in the middle of the ladder this year..
But i'm glad i had the opportunity to go through those tough times... it made me stronger, and hopefully wiser =P

i have definitely round up my mind since the start of 2010 and now i can see my career in progress starting 2011...
Hopefully everything will go as planned, and it will please Him

So, how would you describe your 2010?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm going to WANGARATTA!!!

i'll post the details soon!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

And Now She's In a Better Place

Today we lost a great woman of God, Belinda Oeij.. She was the craziest, kindest, funniest, sincere woman i have ever known...

It is such a shame that God took you to be with Him in a far far better place a little too soon...

You know, if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be the happiest person in the world.. If you didn't introduce me to you crazy friend.. i don't know how i would be now..

You were such a blessing to people around you.. You always made people smile.. And you cook the best lasagna too!! =)

I promise i will try my best to be a good aunt for Brandon.. i'll keep him away from Michael.. hahaha...

I cant seem to say goodbye just yet, i just can't believe the world has lost such an amazing woman like you... i wish we had some pictures together!! =(

well.. it's hard but i know you're now happier than anybody else whos still left down here.. =)
say hi to the Big Dad.. 

I love you precious Bel.. we all do... May you rest in peace..

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Italian Restaurant Dream

I had THE BEST dinner last night.. 
Michael insisted to make gourmet pizza for us each..
So we went down to IGA to get the ingredients,
he asked me, "what do you want in your pizza, b?"
i said, "umm, Jalapenos, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Pepperonies, and Hot Salami, and Olives..
And his pizza is only "meat-lover" pizza.. 

Then we went home and he locked me on the living room and told me to watch Foxtel
and not do anything else..

"tick.. tock.." 20 mins pass.. then, he said "dinner's ready!!"

He came out with a plate of 3 pieces of Pizza, and it looked absolutely DELICIOUS and TEMPTING!! it's like those pizzas you see on tele or cooking program!

I took my first bite, and it was AMAZING!! i repeat, AMAZING!! 
Literally the best gourmet pizza i've ever had!!

I took the rest of the pizza home, and indra and fang2 ate them too, 
They reckon it's nice!

So i told B, "you know what, i think we should open an Italian Restaurant in Mandurah.. i make the pasta, you make the pizza!!". I really think that it's such a good idea.. later when i'm older maybe.. hahhaha

Btw, those of you that don't know me, i love cooking pasta, it's one of my fave food!!

So here's the picture of the Pizza..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Moments

just love them...
Especially B's little nephew and nieces..

They're currently in London for holidays.. 
I couldn't hold my tears when i hugged them at the airport..

And owh! i just found a great picture of me and the girls
after breakfast in Millpoint...

The Start of Our Roller-Coaster Ride

"Depends on who you're going through them with, 
Ups and Downs can be quite a fun, romantic, 
and adventurous journey"

I came up with this tonight as i got off the phone with B.
I praise God that He would put someone so special in my life like him..

I'd like to take this chance to share my story with B and how God's favor has been tremendously poured into our relationship.
Okay, so..
At the start of our relationship, no, even before we started going out, we 
knew that if we are going to go ahead with what we feel
towards each other, it's not gonna be like a ride to the 
country side on a sunny day..
We both knew that this things would lead to a crazy roller-coaster ride on a pretty "shit" weather like Melbourne, 1 min 30 C and sunny,
and the next minute would be -5 C and thunder storm..
I still remember the day he asked me to go out with him, he didn't bullshit and say some nice flowery words,
he said specifically, "Are you ready to jump on the roller-coaster with me?"

The obvious reason why this all gonna be hard is because of our culture 
difference, and for those who aren't Asian,
please don't take this wrongly..
My family has always been concern that by putting me in Australia i would date an Australian. and you know what's funny?
The fact is i've always had a feeling that i could never date an Asian guy, let alone a guy from my hometown.. LOL
But back to the story, when first my sister knew about this boy i started to see after Bel and Simon introduced me to him at church,
she started to get concern.. She warned me over and over 
and over and over again about how this is just gonna be a sweet little
invitation my dad's RAGE... so i said, look, I'm only going for a cup of coffee, nothing serious yet..

So after a while, we started to talk more, and had couple more dates, and turned out that this guy really turned my head,
and my world completely up side down!! Swoop me off my feet just like ("click") that..
Right then and there, we both know that this thing might lead to something serious..
To be honest, i know I'm young and i probably don't know anything about having a boyfriend since that promise that i made
bout how i wasn't gonna have a boyfriend until i turn 18.. But there's something in him that makes me soooo very comfortable
in being myself, being open and completely honest about everything, and to feel secure that he would be there standing still
even when the tide is too high and i couldn't hold myself together anymore..

But there was nothing i could do about it because 3 days after i felt that i had to go back to Indonesia for my "Merry" little Christmas
holiday for about 2 months..
The whole time i was in Indonesia, me and B could only communicate through text Msgs or Skype... i got broke from that just for
your information.. lolol
But it was good, the fact that we couldn't see each other physically makes our way of knowing each other and evaluate our
feelings more real. 
I told my mom about this "friend" of mine that i've been talking a lot to every night, literally, i was crapping myself..
but surprisingly she said calmly "Well, you guys are only friends right?", she didn't even tell me to stop talking to him like how i would
imagine... but she knew that something was going on, and i knew that she wasn't gonna approve this relationship..
I went with it.. we prayed almost every night, due to our internet cost, prayed for us, and God's favor upon our decisions, if He was
to bless this relationship.
And my own personal prayer every night was,
"God, if this is not what You want, then don't let anything lead me to it, or even fall to the temptation for desiring such thing"

So i went back to Perth on the 20th of January to surprise him.. and the next day he asked me the "roller-coaster" question..
and i said "YES!"
For the first time in my life, i felt like that 3 letters meant sooo much 
and somehow symbolized a big step for me.
We both then kept it under the radar just for my sake.. Then i started to invited him to my place to meet my sister and my brother in law,
and invited him for dinner with my Mom, 2 aunties, sister, and brother.. My aunties LOVED him!! couldn't have enough of him..
Hahahaha... But my mom was still not happy about it at all..
I kept my faith and kept on praying to Big Daddy about it..

Long story short, B started to spend more time with my sister and brother, and guess what, they get along just fine..
They really don't know how much that means to me..
Then came the scariest moment in my life.. My dad on Skype asked me, "so are you going out with Michael?" and i said "yes"
(i was trembling).. and basically he said that its best for me to end it.. i didn't say anything..
The next 2 weeks, he asked me again.. "Are you still seeing him?" and i said "YES", confidently.. and Praise GOD!! he seemed fine about it..
He didn't seem to try to break it off anymore.. i said to the Lord, "Lord, you are the BEST!!"
Clearly i called B right after i got off the phone with my dad.. i said to him.. "Our prayers is heard... He never forsakes us..."

So here i am now, 5 months with B already... going through all kinds of Ups and Downs.. but you know what's awesome?
He never once stepped back!
See when i first went out with him, i was scared that he would be the man that doesn't seem to care about women's feelings,
don't want to hear anything about it, thinks that he's right, he's right, he's right, and i'm wrong..
All these things i got from a not very good role model that i got..
But Praise God!, he is nowhere near it!! and hey, i'm not saying that he's perfect, geez-a-loo nobody is perfect..
But you know what, every time we have arguments, and i get quiet, he always wants me to tell him what's going on in my head,
what i'm feeling, and stuff like that.. And to top it off.. when i said to him that this is how i feel, i think you need to be more bla bla bla,
you need change this bla bla bla.. he'd say, 
"Okay I'm sorry babe, i will work on that..." or like 
"I'm sorry that i make you feel that way babe.."

What a privilege for me to have such a man of God like him...
One of the lessons that i learned from my story is that there's no good on rushing things.. when you put your life on God's hands,
my owh my.. believe me you're only going to get the best of the best from Him...
Also i learned that by declaring your faith and ask for God's favor and blessing, and more importantly never gets tired of asking for it,
is just nothing but WORTH IT!! God is good everyone.. 
He is good, and He knows what's best for you...

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Holidays.. finally here!!

i remember 2 weeks ago i couldn't stop thinking about the first monday of my holidays.. now that im in my 2nd week, i just cant figure out what to do anymore...

-> so i tried some exercises with my new "trainer" aka Michael.. only last for 1 day.. but i still do the routine everyday tho.. haha

-> i helped out my brother-in law's Photo4Life pre-wed photoshoot as a make up artist for Bobby and Vonny [such a delightful couple they are.. =)]

-> then, i started helping out friends from CCC Crawley playing basketball every Saturdays at Lakeside..

-> i watched "Year One" and "Transformer 2" both in one week

-> i sent out lots and lots of resumes to many places already.. but none of them got back to me "yet"

Right now, i figure, i should really do something productive.. maybe like... accompanying Mel while she's house-sitting for a week.. but geez-a-loo the house is in Hillarie (or Hilarry) i dont know..
and now that im finally in my holidays i dont seem to have the drive to even go to the city and hang out.. "window shopping" that is.. hahah... but no.. i seem to like hanging out at home, watching tv shows and just chill.. i think thats probably the effect i get from studying too hard for 3 weeks in a row.. LOL

I've been trying to get my new "Theme Hospital" that i just downloaded from int to start working.. i've done all the DosBox thing but i just cant seem to mount them up.. dont know why.. so if anybody has a tip on how to get these games on "exe" format works with DosBox on Mac please dont hesitate to nudge me with a comment.. =)

Im bored bored bored.. cant really bother B coz he's got some finance work from the school and job interview at 2pm.."Lord, i pray that You will anoint him with Your wisdom and presence wherever he goes, whatever he says and do because i believe that You have saved the best plan for him.."

Well, i gotta go and take my sister to the city now, so "so long"... until next time.. =)

Love , A.Ong
God bless...